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Did You Know: Most Business Pay Up To 50% More Than They Need To On Electricity

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"If someone walks in with a solar project tomorrow and it takes a billion dollars or three billion dollars, we're ready to do it. The more there is the better."
Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway

Why everyone is going solar

Save Big by Going Solar

Solar energy allows you to pay a fraction per kWh of what utility companies charge.

Write Off for Taxes

There is an investment tax credit that allows companies to write off the depreciation of a solar installation in 1 year.

Customer Demand

Consumers are conscious about who they are buying from and what type of environmental impact your company has.

Let the Government Help

The United States green initiative is fiscally supporting companies who want to focus on renewables.

Low-cost solar

Due to advances in photovoltaic technology, solar is now considered one of the cheapest sources of electricity.

SREC Credits

Sell your renewable energy credits on the market to other companies who wish to increase their public image.

No Money Down Solar

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Instantly save up to 50%

Most states in the nation have a Pace Financing Program. It is a 100% financing over 20 years. In many cases, your payment will be up to 50% of your current electrical bills. All with no personal guarantees from your behalf. 

2. Capital Lease

We can supply your company with a 7 year capital lease on your property for almost the same cost as your current electrical payments. At the end of this lease, your electrical power from the solar panels is free for the next 18 to 23 years.

3. No Risk PPA

In most states, we can put our own solar panels on your company’s roof through a power purchasing agreement. We own the system and sell you power for a discount of up to 20% rate from your current utility provider. 

All with NO MONEY DOWN, creating a CLEANER EARTH, making customers and suppliers IMPRESSED and want to do more business with you!

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